260W 24V Solar Powered Water Pump Deep Well Pump Submersible Pump Stainless Steel Solar Water Pump

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Specification:Name: 260w 24V 1.2m 40m Pumping Head Electric Vehicle Pump Submersible Solar Water Pump Deep WellRated power:260WMax. flow:1.2m/hRated flow:0.8m/hMax.Pumping Head:40mVoltage:DC24VOutlet Diameter:25mmMotor Speed:3500r/minCable Line: 1.5 Square LineCable Line:approx.15-16mSize: approx.39cm X 8.5cmApplication: Suitable for water intake in factories, mines, enterprises and WellsFeature:- All copper wire motor, safe and durable.- High quality screw. Increase flow and efficiency.- High quality outlet. Overall beautiful, not easy to rust.- High quality bearings. Quiet, smooth operation.- High precision mechanical seal. Selected sealing ring, good sealing, long service life.- Special T-type universal plug for electric vehicles, beautiful atmosphere, easy to use.- Mechanical seal. Stainless steel spring, high strength, good sealing, low resistance, sand control.- Stainless steel fuselage. Forming the fuselage once, no rust, corrosion resistance, safety and environmental protection.- Submersible screw should be used in clear water with particle size smaller than FLmm and solid magazine ratio less than 1%.- Permanent Magnet Motor Copper, Magnet Steel Copper Increased by 1 cm Positive and Reverse Protection, Connecting with Reverse Non-Burning Machine.Packing Included:1x Submersible Solar Water Pump


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